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Address: La Union

Availability: Jan to Dec

You must experience Tangadan Falls, do some grapes picking, see Ma-Cho Temple and then do some surfing in San Juan. All in one day. It's La Union baby ;)

A lot of activities in one, sounds expensive, isn't it? Nope.. not at all. How about P1,250 for this whole trip? All you have to worry about is the pocket money for your food, personal stuff you want to buy and the P200 for renting a surfboard (Not an expert in surfing? Don't even worry about it, just add P200 more and there already be one instruction that will be assigned to you for the whole one hour surfing session).

This is a "Must Try", pick a date now!

Day Tour
P1,250 per person for a group of 3 persons or more
P1,350 per person for a group of 2 persons
P1,450 for 1 person

• Thunder Bird Resort
• Baluarte – Watch Tower
• Kamay na Bato
• Grapes Farm
• Ma-Cho Temple
• Costa Villa
• Halo Halo De Iloko (OPTIONAL)
• Tangadan Falls

JOINERS TRAVEL DATES (No minimum persons required):

July 07

Aug 26 (National Heroes Day Aug 27 | Long Weekend)

Sept 01

Oct 06

Nov 03
Nov 17

Dec 02 (Bonifacio Day Nov 30 | Long Weekend)
Dec 29 (Last Day of the Year Dec 31 | Long Weekend)

There's also an option for a private tour that you can choose any date you want:

Exclusive Tour Prices:
P1,599 per person for 12 pax or more
P1,699 per person for 11 pax
P1,799 per person for 10 pax
P1,899 per person for 09 pax
P1,999 per person for 08 pax
P2,099 per person for 07 pax
P2,299 per person for 06 pax minimum

Choose Date & Package

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Cancellation Policy

We have a no refund policy, Cancellation of your trip within 7 days before your departure day will cost you a 400 re-booking fee on top of your package rate. However, if you advise us 7 days before the confirmed travel you can re-book your trip with no re-booking fee.