How to Book


Select your "Tour Package"


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Click the "Tour Packages" tab and select your preferred location in the items below. You will be directed to the location page.

View the Location details and proceed to the bottom of the page to view packages avaiable by clicking on the "CHOOSE DATE & PACKAGE BUTTON"


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Scheduled Trips:

(Joiners) - Joiner means that you or your group will be joining other people/groups on the same date of the trip that's why the price is lower than the regular rates but you will definitely have your privacy in your accommodation it's just that you will be sharing the van (If you're availing the land transportation) and activities with other people. We require a minimum number of persons joining the trip and if we won't be able to meet the total number needed we will either re-book the trip or cancel it with full refund. No minimum number of person/s required so even you are traveling alone you are very welcome to join the scheduled trip.

Custom Date:

(Exclusive Tour) - You can choose any dates that you wish and pay the regular rate, prices depends on the number of people in your group or your companions.

Note: Choose either Scheduled or Custom Date and the available packages will be displayed below. Click View Details to start booking.

Choose Date and Package


Indicate Headcount and/or
additional travelers


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View the package details and choose any addons you want for your trip by checking and indicating the headcount on the fields provided.

You can also download a copy of the itinerary of your package.

If you want an estimate of the total price you can input the quantity (heacount) below.

Click the "BOOK NOW" button to proceed to the next step.

Note: Indicating the headcount is optional

Choose Date and Package

Fillup all required fields and double check. You can also add or remove individual headcounts at the bottom. Click the "BOOK PACKAGE" button after verifying your inputs.

Note: You are automatically included so you don't need to add your name again.

Choose Date and Package


Review your Details


Review your Details

Double check all the details for your booking. Make sure the package, headcount, and the total amount is correct.

Choose the Payment type of either Bank Deposit/Transfer or via Paypal/Credit Card.

Click the "PROCEED TO PAYMENT" button


Payment Method


Pay via Paypal using your account. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful payment.

Credit Card

Pay using your Credit Card via Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful payment.

Bank Deposit

Pay by depositing the payment via bank or online/mobile transfer. You will receive an email containing the bank details or you can contact us via our Facebook Page and indicate your Transaction number.