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by Chelle Quezon

Oct 17, 2017

Thea Travels: La Union

Trip to La Union: Young and Free (minus the Wild part) by heywatermelongirl

by Admin User Mar 25, 2017

Nervous and scared of the unknown, I made my way to the meeting place. The message reads: “See you in Jollibee Cubao at exactly 11pm. Kindly be there on time“. Have you ever set foot in Cubao? You would notice that there are numerous branches of Jollibee in the area. “P. Tuazon corner 10th Street“, our helpful Tour Coordinator added. (I would take this chance to thank Google Earth for not letting me get lost in the concrete jungle.)

I have never tried getting a tour package until this trip. I saw the post from Bakasyonista for a day trip in La Union for only PhP 1,499 so I grabbed it. I feel so young and free with my impulsive decisions and spontaneity.

Here’s a link to Bakasyonista’s Facebook page:

Solo Traveler (sort of). This is my first time to travel with complete strangers but it turned out to be the best travel experience of  my life. Meeting new people with the same passion is great and educating.

This is my first time to travel with complete strangers but it turned out to be the best travel experience of  my life.

First Stop: Tangadan Falls

San Gabriel, La Union – we arrived before the break of dawn at 5AM. We had 2 options.

Option 1. Trek for an hour or so to the falls and another hour on the way back.

Option 2. Rent a Jeepney for PhP 1,500 which will only take 20 minutes per trip.

Since this is only a Day Tour, we chose to maximize the time of our whole travel and went with Option 2. You guys, I definitely did not sign up for rock climbing and cliff diving but this trip provided us with these activities. Awesome!

My first time to ride on the top-load of a jeepney.

Stop 1.5 – We passed by a hanging bridge and asked our driver to make a quick stop for picture taking.

Second Stop: Balay ng Bato

"Draw me like one of your french girls."
Third Stop: San Juan Beach. Finally got to see, with my own two eyes, La Union’s famous sea foam. The waves weren’t that big for surfing when we arrived in San Juan beach so we settled with enjoying the seashore and picture taking, soaking up the heat of the sun. Summer Feels.

Next Stop: Ma Cho Temple. It is a temple to the Chinese Goddess of the Sea, Mazu. Other than the intricate design of its structures and sculptures, the solemnity of the entire place made me fall in love with it that I want to publish a separate blog about it (soon).

Next: Thunderbird Resort. This place makes you feel as if you are actually in Greece with its architectural design influenced by Santorini

Next: The Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed when we got there but that did not stop us from enjoying the majestic view.

Seventh Stop: HaloHalo de Iloko. “La Union’s Best” and indeed, it was the best halo-halo I have ever tried. I think the yema in it rendered the dessert even more special. I also ordered Palabokano, Ilocano-style palabok with tidbits of their famous longganisa. Mangan ta!

Eighth and Last Stop: Grape Farm.

This was by far the best trip of my life. Thanks to my newly found friends for making this travel more memorable. To more and more amazing trips in the future!

Photo credits to: Kristine Reyes and Rosechelle Samson for selected group pictures. ^_^ Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog.